"Ads, Ads Everywhere" - An Update on Our Latest Marketing Efforts

Dec 3rd, 2018

Marketing is pivotal to everything we do here at StoneTrash. Whether it's in person, on the phone, or online, we're working hard day in and day out to create brand awareness and move excess material in the process. Many users have asked what we're doing to spread "the good word"; so many, in fact, that we thought a blog post was in order. We hope you'll not only find this look behind the curtain intriguing, but will take away at least one or two ideas that you can implement in your own businesses.

Digital Marketing

As a digitally-focused company, winning the war for attention in cyberspace is of critical importance to our success. In keeping with the "war" analogy, it is safe to say that StoneTrash is fighting on all fronts.

Google Ads

We've successfully been leveraging Google Ads (formerly AdWords) for the better part of three months now, constantly optimizing along the way; the results speak for themselves, with user growth in excess of 30% month over month since the campaign's launch. One of the many keys to this success has been finding the right balance of Impression Share and Top of Page Rate among our competition; Google's Auction Insights tool is quite useful when it comes to the ongoing ad optimization process.

Social Media

Another key component of our marketing campaign over the last few months has been cultivating our social media presence. We've noticed that the old adage "the more you talk, the less they listen" tends not to apply to social media, and have in fact noticed a marked uptick in engagement with our posts since increasing their frequency. Part of this could be a result of the networks' algorithms serving our posts more frequently, but we think that establishing a good rapport and cadence with our followers has had something to do with it as well. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure to follow for the latest StoneTrash content!

Blog Content

No digital marketing presence would be complete without a blog! Long form content like articles, blog posts and other text-heavy pages are crucial when it comes to SEO performance. The text in this content acts like a magnet for search queries by interweaving links to your site with relevant keywords; so far, we've had great success complementing our Google Ads paid search efforts with this exact strategy.

Physical Marketing

No one is sure who said it first, but the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket" is no less true in marketing than in any other field. Our physical marketing efforts are the driving force behind our B2B marketing campaign, and have ripple effects throughout the industry. It is harder to quantify the results of physical marketing, but undoubtedly it pays dividends.

Trade Show Presence

The StoneTrash team attends numerous tradeshows around the country in an effort to develop our brand and forge connections with key industry players. Our booths at The International Surfaces Event, Coverings, and presence at other smaller industry events like Total Solutions Plus have gone a long way towards establishing us as the pre-eminent marketplace for excess stone and tile inventory.

We love the opportunity that attending these events affords us to connect with members of our industry; being able to hear their feedback face-to-face has been pivotal in shaping the development trajectory of our platform. That being said, we hope to see you all at Surfaces 2019 in January! We'll be at the same booth (Booth #4682) this year.

Traditional Methods

Another great and timeless saying is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." We've spent a considerable amount of time knocking on doors, dialing phones, and sending out emails; it's hard to compete in these saturated channels these days, but there's just something familiar and intangible about meeting someone or talking to them on the phone that digital can't achieve.


Whether it's at tradeshows or showrooms, on the phone or online, we're doing everything we can to build up our StoneTrash community. We know that the network effect of adding buyers and sellers to the platform is going to be what ultimately drives the success of our venture, so that's what our focus has been. However, no matter what industry you're in or where you are along the supply chain, we hope that these marketing tips help you advance whatever your goals may be.