Countertop Design Trends in 2018

Sep 19th, 2018

Granite, marble, and quartz surfaces come in a variety of colors and finishes. As a result, so too do the countertops that are fashioned from them. With so many different options, choosing a color for your kitchen counters can be a tough choice; luckily, we've created this handy guide to the design trends that are taking the kitchen and bath renovation market by storm. Hopefully you'll find some great inspiration for your next project!

Neutral Tones are on the Rise

It feels like just a short while ago, people were exploring every possible color that they could when it came to their countertop material choices. With the plethora of striking color choices available, especially for manufactured quartz surfaces (like this stunning Cambria Skye slab), it's no wonder that Restoration Master Finder identified bold colors like deep blues and greens in their article on color trends from 2017. However, it would appear that neutral tones are hot on the scene this year.

CaesarStone's report on 2018 color trends identifies four specific quartz colors as their "Most Popular," all of which are varying shades of grey or white. Many homeowners are opting for different ways to express themselves with color, like colorful mosaic tile backsplashes or custom-color appliances. This shift towards neutral colors is apparent in the tile space as well, where Crossville points out that black tile opens up spaces and stands in beautiful contrast to the warm colors of wood used in most modern cabinetry.

Falling in Love with Waterfall Countertops

Natural stone always adds a sense of luxury to the kitchen, but a waterfall countertop takes that to the next level. This design came onto the scene earlier this year and quickly took Instagram by storm. Since the side panels of this design are much shorter than the island top itself, you can even use remnants from StoneTrash to finish the job without paying full price! This may not be an ideal strategy for materials with lots of veins that need matching, but works well for specked or solid colored material.


Finish the Job with a Stylish New Finish

The shine of polished marble or granite is an unforgettable look, but it is unforgettably hard to clean (and keep clean) as well; quite a few people are opting instead for a honed or leathered finish instead. Since textured finishes are less shiny, they hide marks better. The tactile sensations and sophisticated look are also additional benefits of opting to forgo a polished finish in favor of a leathered or honed finish. We still think the polished look is timeless, but other options have gained a great deal of market traction recently.


Natural stone is a timeless building material, and quartz' recent gains in popularity over the last few years appear to be cemented as well. As with any industry, though, there are certainly trends that come and go. Will waterfall countertops, neutral colored materials, or textured finishes still be as popular at this time next year? It's possible, but only time will tell; until then, take a look at StoneTrash for all of your trendy material needs!