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How to use our Countertop Tool

We'll show you how easy it is to use our countertop tool to get a estimate in minutes!
Jun 21st

The StoneTrash Countertop Estimator will measure and budget your project.

You've searched StoneTrash and found the perfect Marble, Granite or Quartz material for your project at a great price. Now you need an idea of how much material will be required for your project and how much the fabrication and installation will cost.

Our complimentary Countertop Estimator can help you budget your project and measure the approximate square footage of materials you’ll need for the job.

Getting Started

Do you have accurate measurements for your project?

If not, you’ll need to measure the length (L) and width (W) for each section of counter space in your project. Try making a basic sketch of your counter project and fill in the length and width measurements you take.

Indicating Sink, Stove, And Finished Edge Locations

In addition to recording the dimensions of your countertop, you’ll want to include locations of your sinks, stove tops and any edges that are up against appliances or need to be polished. Take measurements for these and note them in your sketch. Note the type of sinks you’ll want. (Undermount, drop in or farmhouse.)

These measurements do not need to be precise since our professional templators will take more accurate measurements before your slabs are cut into your custom countertops.

Using our Countertop Estimator.

You’ve picked your materials and measured your project twice. It’s time to start using our easy estimator tool. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to generate an estimate and determine how many square feet of material you’ll need.

  1. Visit the estimator
  2. Enter your project Zip codeThis allows us to match you with a fabricator and materials close to you
  3. Contact Information
  4. Add pieces to your project
  5. Select Edge Profiles
  6. Add sink cutouts and faucet holes
  7. Get your square footage and estimate!

Once you’ve finished entering the details required, you’ll see a summary that will include material square footage and an itemized estimate that covers templating, fabrication and installation. Add that number to your material cost and you’ll have a pretty good idea what to budget for your project. Your saved project can be edited or updated any time.

It's our goal to bring transparent pricing to the stone countertop industry. That’s why we always list live prices for material and provide complimentary estimates for our services.

We’re here to help

If you get stuck or need help, reach out to us.