Turn 2020 around with an Amazing Outdoor Project!

Aug 4th, 2020

Summer 2020 hasn’t exactly been what we’ve all envisioned, has it? Nevertheless, instead of thinking of the dream destination vacation you’re not taking right now, why not transform your backyard into a place you’ll never want to leave? On a small budget or thinking of going crazy with it, we have some ideas for big and small projects that will transform how you see your backyard. We will recommend the best use of materials for each project, even suggesting a few we have in stock!

First let’s tackle some smaller projects!

Who doesn't love an outdoor shower? Something about being in nature and rinsing off just lets you feel free and at peace. Now the idea of calling a plumber and excavating your backyard to put in pipes might be enough to put you off this dream however we have a clever workaround, a garden hose shower! These look like a normal outdoor shower only they can connect to the typical garden hose saving you lots of frustration. They can range anywhere from $85-$800 so shop around and find something you and your budget will feel good about.

Right now Vida XL has one on sale for $105.99 in a beautiful crisp white, the only thing that would make it better and perhaps make you feel like you have been transported to the Mediterranean would be to pair it with a gorgeous porcelain tile, you can search or recreate the look with Dali Light Blue tile for only $1.79/sqft.


Porcelain is a great material to use outdoors, especially around any wet areas. It is one of the least porous materials you can use outdoors which means it is water and stain-resistant, plus in the colder months, it won't crack. Porcelain also has a great ability to hold up to the strong UV rays of summer. When porcelain is "fired" the material is exposed to such high temperatures that the color literally becomes part of the material and will not separate from it and therefore this great pattern will hold up for countless sunny days to come.

Medium sized project

reimagine plunge

Up for a bit more work but are worried you may not have enough space? Maybe consider a plunge pool! Granted you won't be having any epic games of Marco Polo in your new plunge pool, still at a fraction of the size of a regular pool, there are big advantages of going small. One of the best advantages is the ease of maintenance especially compared to larger pools. Another plus is plunge pools use considerably less water and chemicals making it much easier on the environment. And why not think long term and add heating capabilities so you can enjoy your small pool in the winter months as well.

Design-wise there are no limits to where you can take your plunge pool, the small size means you can dream big on how to spend your money to detail your newest backyard gem. You can tile the inside and invoke a Moroccan feel, or maybe go a sleek modern route with a black pool floor. Just make sure you put extra thought into the material you select to surround your pool.

Travertine is a great material to use outdoors especially around a pool. It is slip-resistant and can hold up to climate fluctuations but the biggest advantage of selecting a travertine paver or tile for your project is it will stay cooler in direct sun compared to other options. The reason travertine stays cooler than say brick or concrete is 2 fold, the first reason is that travertine has a porous structure and will absorb coolness from the ground keeping a stable temperature. The second reason is the compound make-up of the stone which contains calcium carbonate deposits which naturally diminish heat transfer. Trust us your bare feet will thank you for selecting travertine when completing your pool area.


We have lots of great travertine options, you can search or try CCT Euro Camel which we have for only $3.08/sqft! It is an elegant material that will add luxury to your backyard without the luxury price tag.

Large project

outdoor kitchen
Photo Credit: https://brownjordanoutdoorkitchens.com/

Our suggestion for a big project to complete this summer is an outdoor kitchen, we all miss going to restaurants so why not make the hottest spot in town your own backyard?

Whether you go with a small kitchenette, a more rustic grilling area, or want to have a full kitchen and bar outdoors you'll want to be careful what you choose for your countertop material. Many indoor kitchens feature an engineered stone such as quartz for its low maintenance and durability and while that might be a great option for inside the home quartz can discolor in sunlight and should be avoided outdoors. Instead, try a granite option, we have several gorgeous slabs in stock some for as low as $4.01/sqft.


Above is Delicatus Golden, a granite slab 121" by 72", need something larger or smaller? You can search for a slab of your own and use our filters section to find which options are closest to save even more. We work with companies who have excess stone and tile all across the U.S. instead of "trashing" quality stone remnants they sell them with us hence our name StoneTrash.

If you have any questions regarding our process or which stone option would be best for you and your project please reach out to us at info@stonetrash.com we would be happy to help and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! Try these links to learn more about Porcelain, Travertine, and Granite.