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Surfaces 2020

What to expect from StoneTrash at Surfaces 2020
Jan 10th, 2020

From the Ground, Up

As the home of the StoneTrash app launch event and first ever team trade show, The International Surfaces Event will always hold a special place in our history and our hearts.  We’re looking forward to returning for a third year in a row and can’t wait to share our most recent developments with you all.  Come visit us in Booth #4682 for to address all your StoneTrash feedback and questions, and (of course) free StoneTrash swag!

Fabricators...Something Special for YOU!

This year at TISE, we have something new for our fabricators.  It’s not just about the material anymore…We’ve been developing something that will generate you additional revenue and keep your shop busy!  We encourage fabricators attending the trade show to visit our booth and join the StoneTrash Team.  If you can’t make the show, you can always email us or stay connected with our blog.


StoneTrash provides helpful and informative documents on getting started; sign-up and account management, bulk uploads and listing material, pricing strategies as well as a 24/7 live chat where you can speak with a StoneTrash representative.  This week, attendees and users will have a chance to speak with us one-on-one as we walk you through the site and its newest features!  If you would like the StoneTrash team to further assist you, we encourage you to set up an appointment to speak with a team member.  Provide us with your availability and we’ll reach out to schedule a time that works best for both of us.

StoneTrash Souvenirs

StoneTrash souvenirs are a highlight of our booth, literally.  Don’t believe us?  Visit our booth and see for yourself!  We always come prepared with our “Neolithic” orange desk accessories and giveaways.  We will also be registering new users for free tee shirts and StoneTrash welcome kits, so be sure to sign up while you’re there!

And More...

We’ve got even more in store for our booth this year at Surfaces 2020, and hope that you’ll be able to join us to experience it!  We didn’t think we could be any more enthusiastic than we were for our app launch at The International Surfaces Event trade show in 2018, but since then we have updated, refined, and integrated many new features on both our mobile app and website.    We truly can’t wait to return once again to where it all started and reflect with the StoneTrash community on just how far we’ve come.

Hope to see you there!