The Pros and Cons of Using Remnant Stone

Aug 21st, 2018

Using remnant marble and granite is a great way to save money on your home remodeling projects, but as with many facets of life, it has pros and cons. In this blog post, we will evaluate the positive aspects of using remnant stone to renovate your home, as well as some potential pain points for your project and how to avoid them.

Environmentally friendlySelection may be limited
Cost-consciousPieces are typically smaller

Pro: Environmentally Friendly

Natural stone is inherently considered a "green" building material. Green construction is a growing market in the United States and elsewhere, as environmental factors rise to the forefront of concern. Natural stone like granite and marble is manufactured by Mother Nature, not a factory; it does not emit harmful VOCs into the environment, can be cleaned with regular dish detergent, and best of all, any excess inventory can be recycled and sold on!

As a result of stone's inherent natural properties, as well as the waste-diversionary nature of using stone remnants, materials purchased from StoneTrash are potentially eligible for a number of LEED credits. Special thanks to the Natural Stone Council and the University of Tennessee for their phenomenal research on the subject.

  • SS Credit 7.1 - Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof: using light colored stone (Solar Reflective Index >= 29) can reduce heat island effects and provide relief from microclimates
    • Credits Available: 1
    • Credit Requirement: 50% or more of project hardscape must have SRI of >= 29
  • EA Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance: Natural stone’s high thermal mass (the ability of a material to store heat and slowly release it) positively impacts indoor ambient air temperature, and thus, energy efficiency
    • Credits Available: 1-18
    • Credit Requirement: the EA credit for optimal energy performance is based on a combination of simulation results and compliance with guidelines; read more here
  • ID Credit 1 - Innovation: Use of natural stone can contribute to attaining an innovation credit; the number of points available for a specific project depends on the path chosen and type or project
    • Credits Available: 1-5
    • Credit Requirement: depends on path chosen, but typically entails submission of a written proposition outlining the innovative qualities of the project
  • MR Credit 2.1/2.2 - Construction Waste Management: USGBC requires that all LEED projects have a waste management plan, but further rewards builders for exceeding certain waste reduction thresholds
    • Credits Available: 1-2
    • Credit Requirements: divert a certain percentage of project waste; may be calculated by weight or volume, but must be consistent
      • One point: salvage/recycle 50% or more of project waste
      • Two points: salvage/recycle 75% or more of project waste
    • Listing excess material for sale on StoneTrash is a great way to divert waste from your construction project!
  • MR Credit 3.1/3.2 - Material Reuse: In an effort to reduce demand for virgin materials and reduce waste production, USGBC awards points for incorporating salvaged or recycled materials into new construction
    • Credits Available: 1-2
    • Credit Requirements: incorporate a certain percentage of recycled or salvaged material into project; calculated on basis of material cost
      • One point: use 5% or more of recycled/salvaged material
      • Two points: use 10% or more of recycled/salvaged material
  • MR Credit 5.1/5.2 - Regional Materials: Sourcing materials locally reduces the transportation footprint of projects and encourages the use of indigenous resources; USGBC rewards builders for sourcing material from within 500 miles of the project site
    • Credits Available: 1-2
    • Credit Requirements: incorporate a certain percentage of locally sourced material into project; calculated on basis of material cost
      • One point: use 10% or more of material sourced from within 500mi
      • Two points: use 20% or more of material sourced from within 500mi
    • StoneTrash's advanced search filters are a great way to find material in your area; start your search today!

Con: Selection May Be Limited

In the past, granite remnants and marble remnants were typically bought and sold directly at the point of fabrication. The lack of transparency and alternative options within this transaction cost customers both in the form of limited selection and increased prices. Fortunately, StoneTrash has revolutionized the way that buyers shop for discount natural stone material. With hundreds of remnants hosted on our site, and new material added daily, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for!

Pro: Cost-Conscious

Using remnants can save you a ton of  money on your next kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or other natural stone renovation project. Material on is priced to move, as it's taking up space in fabricators' warehouses; this translates to a per-square-foot price savings from 50-80% in some cases!

The savings don't stop there, however, as remnants' size can save you even more dough. Typically, fabricators try to sell you a full slab, regardless of the size of your project. Why should you have to pay for a 50 square foot slab of material for a bathroom vanity that is only fifteen square feet? The answer is simple: you shouldn't! With StoneTrash, you can find material that isn't just the perfect color for your project, but is the perfect size as well.

Con: Pieces are Typically Smaller

If you still consider this to be a con in light of reading the last section, fear not! is your premier online marketplace for marble remnants and granite remnants, but we host a plethora of full slabs as well. Fabricators and contractors' excess inventory does not end at remnant stone material; in fact, that is only the beginning. Take a look at this beautiful Calacatta Borghini slab, or this stunning Caribbean Sea Quartzite for just two examples of the many wonderful full-size stone slabs available for sale.

What's the Verdict?

Using marble, quartzite or granite remnants are a good way to save money on your next home renovation project without sacrificing quality. Whether you're looking for a smaller piece of stone to spruce up your bathroom vanity, a larger piece for your kitchen countertop, or even a full slab from which to fabricate several items, is the ideal place to start your search!