Upgrades, Changes and Renovations: An Update on StoneTrash's Recent Transformation

Oct 10th, 2018

It's been said time and time again that "change is a good thing." Embracing this mantra has been key to our growth over the last few months here at StoneTrash. For our own purposes of measuring the development of our platform, as well as to update our users on all of this great new functionality, we thought it best to pen a brief blog entry enumerating all of these changes. So in the words of the great Matchbox Twenty, without further ado, "let's see how far we've come."


Perhaps the biggest change to the StoneTrash platform over the last few months is the fact that the StoneTrash team now fields all incoming messages. Our new chat experience relies on Intercom, a powerful technology that integrates seamlessly with both our web and mobile platforms. This feature was requested by many individuals that we met with at the Coverings and Surfaces trade shows, and we're excited that it's finally implemented.

Our Customer Service team is constantly monitoring the Intercom application for new conversations and inquiries, and respond promptly to your (or your customers') messages. We feel that this puts us in a better position to close sales quicker and more efficiently, and the data we've gathered over the last few weeks supports this. You'll find this new support chat in the "Chat" tab of our mobile app (where your Inbox used to be), or by clicking the orange chat icon in the bottom right corner of our website; head over to StoneTrash and try sending us a message today!

Multiple Slab Listings

StoneTrash is a wonderful online marketplace for fabricators to sell their stone remnants, but we also help distributors list their discontinued or overstock material as well. While it might seem like a small change on the surface, our move to support multiple slabs on the same listing opens up many opportunities for natural stone and quartz inventory liquidation. Several distributors are actively working to prepare their bulk upload sheets and take advantage of this opportunity, and we've had over 400 slabs listed in the last week alone that would not have been possible without this functionality. Whether you're a fabrication shop with a few remnants, or a national distributor of slab material, StoneTrash has you covered when it comes time to liquidate your inventory.

Redesigned Listing Pages

When we launched our web platform back in May, just a few days before the Coverings trade show in Atlanta, GA, it was the beginning of a long journey to both where we are now and where we hope to be in the future. Through tireless hours of research, leveraging our Google Analytics data and poring over user feedback, we've been working to redesign and optimize our site in such a way that drives sales. Part of this effort has resulted in a fresh new look for our listing pages (shown below), which both presents relevant information more cleanly and brings the customers' focus to conversion-oriented calls to action. We're really excited to see just how big of a jump in sales will result from these changes; they should coordinate nicely with our redesigned homepage, which is coming in the next few weeks.

Update on Marketing and Brand Awareness

Now that StoneTrash hosts thousands of listings and more than two million square feet of discount stone and tile material, we have begun a marketing campaign that serves to put this inventory in front of consumers and home remodelers. By partnering with several marketing agencies that specialize in their respective fields of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital advertising, we have positioned StoneTrash to grow like never before. The results of these campaigns have been astounding thus far, and will only continue to improve and impress as we learn from them and tailor our campaigns to be even more effective.

To say that we've learned a lot over these last few months would be a vast understatement, and with learning comes change. We feel that these changes, as well as those we have planned for release in the near future, will help us to further establish our position as the leader in this space. Thank you for your support so far, and we look forward to having you by our side as we enter the next phase of our journey to revolutionize the stone and tile industry.

Warmly, The StoneTrash Team