"You Put Tile Where?!" - Unique Ideas for Tile Beyond the Kitchen or Bathroom

Sep 11th, 2018

The days of tile as just floor or wall material are long gone. Every day, innovators across the industry are finding unique ways to use floor tile or wall tile outside of their "official" applications.  In this article, we'll highlight several unique ways to make tile a part of your home, as well as a few other small DIY projects. Hopefully you'll find something that inspires you!

Revamp Your Bedroom with Tile

Traditionally, tile is found in the bathroom or kitchen; this stunning bedroom design from the Memphis Group flipped that paradigm on it's head. Cool to the touch and available in a number of striking colors, tile is right at home in this vibrant and welcoming bedroom. The Memphis Group were known for their iconic post-modernist designs and plentiful use of color; this is just one of their many striking works which captivated countless hearts during the height of their influence in the 1980's and remains timeless to this day.

Jake Curtis interiors

Tile Trivets for Outdoor Dining

We've talked about using stone remnants to make trivets on TrashTalk before, but tile can be used effectively as well! This guide from eHow explains the process more in depth, but the general concept is to use leftover mosaic tile and a wood surface to create a stunning serving piece for your patio table. Using a stone mosaic tile for this project would be a great way to complement your granite patio pavers or stone BBQ island surround!

Treat Yourself With a Unique Homemade Necklace!

Why should renovation be exclusive to your home? Accessorize with one of these beautiful DIY necklaces (design courtesy of The Merrythought Collective)! Caitlin and Manda used a 3/4" penny round mosaic tile, which works perfectly with the design they've chosen, but most small mosaic tiles would work just as well for you; feel free to think outside the box and express yourself. Even better, because mosaic sheets include so many individual tiles, this idea makes an amazing (and budget-friendly) DIY holiday gift!

Get the Wood Counter Look for Less with Wood Plank Tile

Butcher block counters and porcelain tiles that imitate wood planks are two items that have taken the interior design world by storm. You can use wood-look tiles to imitate the look of butcher block countertops, while still maintaining the superior physical properties of tile! Tile's heat resistance far exceeds that of butcher block, which is subject to dryness and cracking over time as a result of repeated exposure. Porcelain plank tile is also significantly more affordable than real wood, and can help you keep your material costs down.

Build Your Own Chess Board

Have you ever looked at mosaic tile and thought "wow, that looks like a chess board?" Well, you aren't alone! The folks behind the DIYeasycrafts channel on YouTube had that same thought, and took it to the next level. Thanks to their help, anyone looking for an elegant chess board needs to look no further; using mosaic tile and some wood trim, it's possible to build your own chess board that's beautiful AND completely customized. Just add chess pieces and you're good to go! Check out the video below for a detailed breakdown of this project.

...And Many More!

There are countless ways to incorporate the beauty of ceramic tile or stone tile into your home, and they aren't limited to the floors or walls of your kitchen and bathroom. In fact, as is shown by the creativity above, the only thing limiting the possibilities for tile in your next project is your imagination. So dream big, head to StoneTrash to find the tile you need, and get started today!