This is a description of Soapstone

Common Attributes

Below are some common attributes of Soapstone.

Construction stone, Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, Interior wall panels, Ornamental, Ovens, and decorative craft objects, balustrades, building stone, cladding, cookware, copings, countertops, etc., exterior, exterior building cladding, facades, fireplaces, floor, fountains, handcrafts, heat retaining walls, interior, kitchen accessories, masonry stoves, monuments, mosaic, paving, planters, plinth claddings, pool coping, sills, sinks, stairs, stove, stoves, utili, utilities, wall, wall and floor tiles, water walls and fountains

Note that that not all species of Soapstone have the same attributes. And even then, each piece of material might have different characteristics. Always check with StoneTrash if you have any questions.