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Thank you for choosing to sell your material with StoneTrash! As a seller, you are free to post an unlimited amount of materials; when your listings are sold through our streamlined market platform, we assess a sales charge of the final value. Below, you will find detailed instructions that will walk you through the process of creating and selling a listing on StoneTrash. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Listing Material

To start creating a new listing, click either the “Create New Listing” button on the App home page, or the “Create New Remnant” button on your user dashboard. The application will ask if you want to create a Tile or Stone listing.

  1. Take a good picture (or several)! A well lit and clearly focused photo photograph is important, as it is your first and best chance to grab the attention of your prospective buyers.
  2. Select the type of tile that best describes your material using the intuitive button interface.
  3. Select your tile’s sub-type and finish type (if applicable), or select “None”
  4. Input the Manufacturer’s name and the name of the material that appears on the box or information sheet.
  5. Input the dimensions of your tile, as well as the square footage that you are listing. Please note that tile listings are on a lot basis; the square footage that you enter is the amount to be sold in this lot.
  6. The “Price” screen will confirm the amount of SF you are listing. Please also input the price you would like to charge per square foot, or the lot price in the “Total Price” box; the other field will automatically populate.
  7. For your own private reference, you may use the “Seller Fields” section to document any notes you may have, as well as your item’s “Internal ID” and the location of it in your warehouse.
  8. Highlight any colors that are included in your material and click “Next”.
  9. On the final page, you may review and edit any of your listing’s characteristics. Your “Shipping Options” will default to “Will Not Ship,” and will persist as whatever you change them to. Currently, our platform allows for sellers to define a Shipping Radius and your Shipping Fee.
  10. Click “Confirm and List,” and let buyers see your beautiful tile!

Selling Material

StoneTrash’s unique platform provides an innovative Remnant Approval functionality. We strive to provide an easy sales experience for our sellers, and take great pride in the level of freedom and protection that we afford them.

  1. When a listing is sold, you will receive a notification immediately; interacting with this notification will bring you to the listing page for your sold listing. You may also find your sold listings under Orders tab of your dashboard.
  2. Once there, you can accept or reject the listing based on whether it's still in stock or not.
  3. Once both you and the buyer accept the sale, the order is finalized and we'll transfer funds into your connected stripe account.

Payment Processing

In today’s world of sophisticated payment technologies, there is a constant concern about information security. We have enlisted Stripe, an online third-party payment data aggregator, to handle all credit card transactions on our platform. You can read more about Stripe’s ongoing commitment to protecting your funds and your customers’ information on their website here.

In order to receive funds for your transactions after they have cleared, you will need to register for a Stripe account. You may do so by clicking the "Link Stripe" button under either the “My Orders” or “My Listings” tab for Sold listings, or by visiting Should you choose to register on Stripe’s website, please note that you will still need to link your new Stripe account to your StoneTrash account before you are able to accept funds from us.

Upon clearing, StoneTrash will direct Stripe to release two simultaneous payments to you. The first will be for the value of the material, less our sales charge, and the second will be for the sales tax that we assessed on your behalf. More information on howStoneTrash handles Sales Tax can be found in the next section, as well as in the Sales Tax section of our Terms of Use.

Sales Tax

StoneTrash provides an online marketplace platform, and as a result does not remit sales tax to any state authority. We understand that our sellers may have tax nexus in their respective states, and may incur a tax liability as a result of sales generated on the platform. TaxJar is an online provider of automated sales tax calculation whom we have enlisted to provide support for our sellers.

Based on the seller and buyer’s respective tax jurisdictions, as well as the shipping status of an order, TaxJar will return the appropriate amount of sales tax (if any). We use this information to collect sales tax from your buyer on behalf of you, but the onus of tax reporting and filing lies squarely in the seller’s hands. For additional information on our sales tax policy, please refer to the Sales Tax section of our Terms of Use.

Additional Information

If you require additional support beyond the scope of this document, please contact us. We are here to help you.