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Have questions? We've got some answers!

At StoneTrash, we know making such a large purchase online can be scary. But have no fear. We'll try our best to answer some of the most common questions customers have below. And if you don't see the answer you're looking for, you can always contact us!

Frequently asked questions

Do you Install?

Slabs / Countertops - Yes!

We offer full service, custom slab fabrication in select U.S. markets. That means we can offer turn-key service for your kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and outdoor kitchen projects. Our skilled fabricators deliver professional templating, fabrication and installation services. Pick out your slab material and our fabrication team will make sure your installation is perfect.

Get started today by creating a project. Need advice on selecting materials? Reach out to our friendly team.

Tile - No.

We do not currently offer tile installation services. We will arrange to ship your tile purchases to any continental U.S. state.

Can I inspect the material?

After you make your purchase, your money is placed in an escrow account. This allows both you and the seller to verify everything. You'll be notified exactly where the material is and when are good times to inspect it. We encourage you to bring any other materials with you (like a cabinet door or backsplash).

If for any reason you don't like the material, you can simply reject the purchase (right on your order page) and we'll issue you a full refund.

Do I have to purchase the full slab / entire listing?

The entire listing much be purchased. So for slabs / countertops you'll have to purchase the entire listing. Sometimes, we have smaller remnants of the same material (or similar) that can be purchased at a savings. For tile listings, you need to purchase the minimum quantity listed by the seller. In some instances, sellers will break up large listings and sell just a box, so please contact us and we can reach out the seller directly.

Money Back

After the job, if you're left with a lot of extra material, you can list the excess right on StoneTrash. When it sells, you'll get some money back and you're helping the next customer. We're the only platform that lets you, the customer, sell your leftover material.

Do You Ship?

Shipping Tile - Yes!

We ship tile across the entire continental United States. All of our shipments are fully insured. Material travels LTL Freight by one of our freight providers and arrives palletized. When asking us for a shipping quote, please provide the following information:

  1. Destination Zip Code
  2. Listing Id
  3. Amount of material needed (in Sq. Ft. or boxes)
Shipping Slabs

We will ship &/or coordinate any slab shipment to any in network partner or any stone professional. The pricing varies based on the amount of slabs and the distance. Typically we won't ship slabs more then 300 miles because of the cost. But please let us know the details and we'll try to make it work.

We DO NOT SHIP full slabs to any residential address. This is a very dangerous practice and we value the safety of our customers and partners. If you're looking to save money please reach out to us and we will try to find some other ways to complete your project without breaking the bank.

How do payments work?

Payments are done with a Credit Card. All of our payments run through Stripe. They are a secure merchant that powers millions of websites across the world from startups to Fortune 500's. StoneTrash never even see's your credit card info. It's sent securely directly to Stripe.

But StoneTrash goes even further. After your purchase, you have 14 days to inspect and verify the material. If for any reason you don't want to the piece, you'll get a full refund.

Do you offer samples?


This all depends on the seller. Some sellers only sell by the pallet and won't offer samples. Others do. So just let us know what listing you're interested in and we'll get you a sample.


We don't offer samples for natural material.

For quartz, and other man made or engineered slabs, please let us know what you're interested in and we'll send you a sample. Samples usually cost $9.79 and usually arrive within 3-5 business days. If you decide to purchase the material, the cost will be credited right back to your slab purchase.

How can I list materials for sale on StoneTrash?

Reach out to our team at or by phone at: (631) 380-4554 to speak to our team about selling your materials on our marketplace.