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Countertops from Template to Installation

Countertop projects can be daunting. Especially the first time. That's why we created StoneTrash. We are here to make this journey as easy as possible. You'll have a single point of contact for your project. You can reach out to them directly for questions and they have answers.

Let's walk through the typical process. We'll define the 3 stages of custom countertops and by the end you'll be a pro!

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Start Your Project

Templating.Measure Twice, Cut Once!

The first step of your project is to take accurate measurements. Templating is the act of measuring your space so we know exactly what to cut. At StoneTrash, our templators use a digital templating system that measures your space within a 1/32 of an inch. When they're done, they'll generate a digital file (.DXF) that contains all the dimensions of your entire project. These measurements are then sent to the fabricator.

If you can take measurements yourself, you can head right to our Free Service Estimator to get an estimate of what your entire project will cost and how much material you’ll need. We'll update the project you create after we have professionally templated your space so you can see how close you were to the pros!

Fabrication.(AKA Cutting)

We use our detailed measurements as a guide to cut and polish your material. This is known as fabrication. Our partners use the latest tools and technologies like the RoboSawJet by BACA Systems to ensure your material is cut to precisely match the template.

But it's not just about technology. Much polishing and edging is often completed by the hands of skilled craftsmen. From a simple eased edge to the intricate and beautiful double ogee, these master stone carvers are able to extract even more beauty from the material.

Installation.The last step.

Once your materials have been fabricated, it's time to install. Natural stone is very heavy. This means it can be challenging and dangerous to handle. We always recommend professional installation to our customers. Not only is it safer, but if anything goes wrong during installation, your investment is covered. All of our installation partners are professionally licensed and insured.

When you're ready, click the button below to get your free estimate!

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