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StoneTrash is for Distributors

StoneTrash would not be here if it were not for our distribution partners. You make up the lions share of the slab supply and we can't express how grateful we are. Here's just a few of the ways we make your lives more efficient.

Single Proxy for Customers

We try to address the majority of customer concerns before they even walk in your door. Their questions go through us.

Another Revenue Stream

Let StoneTrash market your material for you. All at NO COST. Just sit back and wait for the order emails to roll in.

Free up Floor Space

Once your material is online, you can condense your SMOG into a bundle that's not always visible. You can even share quick links to walk-in traffic so you only have to pull a slab when you know a customer is very interested.

Stock the Shelves

Leverage our nationwide network to fill inventory. You'll never have to tell a customer you 'Don't have that material' when you're partnering with StoneTrash.

Get Started Today!

Then send an email to Distribution @ StoneTrash to set up a distributor on boarding meeting