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StoneTrash is for Homeowners

StoneTrash makes it easy to find that perfect stone or tile. And we've got some incredible prices too!

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Remnants to the Rescue

Save money buy purchasing smaller slabs called Remnants. They are leftover from other jobs.

And if you do have to purchase a full slab, sell the rest right back on StoneTrash. You'll be saving the next customer money while you put some extra cash back in your pocket!

Talk to a Real Person

Although we love technology at StoneTrash, we understand the value of just talking to someone. So if you ever have any questions, you can chat, text or call and we'll help.

One Point of Contact

You'll have 1 point person for your entire project. They'll know all the details and you won't get the runaround.

Know What's Next

This might be your first project, but it certainly isn't ours. So we know exactly what to do to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. And if something comes up, we'll get through it together. You'll never be left to dry.

Start with material

Start with your Project

Head over to our online fabrication portal to begin your project. We'll walk you through every step and when you're done, you'll know what your project costs before you even find that perfect stone.

So how does this work?

For more details on the entire process, head to our How it Works page for more information. And if you need more help, contact us:

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