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Quartz is an engineered stone surface that has the look and feel of natural stone. High quality Quartz surfaces have some real advantages to consider.

  • Durability - Quartz is harder than natural stone and provides optimal chip and scratch resistance.
  • Low Maintenance - Quartz surfaces are heat and stain resistant. They do not require sealing like some natural stones. Most Quartz surfaces can be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth.
  • Color Choices - Quartz products are offered in a very wide color range and include a variety of aesthetic features like veining, specks and swirls.

Quartz Brands

Below are a few of the top brands and manufacturers that are available on StoneTrash. If you can't find the exact brand or model you're looking for, please reach out so we can source it for you. We help customers across the U.S.A. source materials every day.

Caesarstone Logo

Caesarstone knows the secret of using natural raw quartz minerals to craft the most durable and safe countertops. We've been at the helm of surface innovation since 1987, driven by our design passion and cutting-edge technological power. Specializing in countertops for homes worldwide, our commitment is to guide and assist you on your journey of creativity.

120” x 56.5”
131.5” x 64.5”
Corian Quartz Logo
Corian Quartz

Corian® Quartz (formerly known as Zodiaq®) surface brings the best of nature and science to contemporary residential and commercial design. Engineered with pure quartz crystals, beaming with diamond-like radiance, Corian® Quartz is visually striking — and utterly unique.

120” x 63”
Cambria Logo

We are defined by our values, animated by our passion, committed to sustainability, and focused on our customers. Cambria is American made and family owned. Our products are made of the finest quartz. They are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain.

122” x 55.5”
132” x 65.5”
daltile Logo

Though quartz countertops are hugely popular, a product as durable as quartz deserves some consideration for other surfaces as well. It is also a great solution for floors and walls. Daltile's ONE Quartz Surfaces can be cut for almost any application, creating the perfect product for a seamless design or monochromatic look.

Dekton Logo

Dekton is Cosentino's innovative, ultra-compact and high-performance surface that offers endless design possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces.

126” x 56”
Emerstone Logo

At Emerstone® we know that a commitment to excellence goes deeper than the surface. That's why we apply a generational love for designs that create distinctive spaces, forming the most inspired, imaginative natural quartz surfaces.

MSI Logo

Low maintenance, stain-resistant, and nearly indestructible quartz countertops line, Q Premium Natural Quartz is the preferred countertop for homeowners, builders, and designers. Trendsetting quartz colors, colorways, coveted new styles, here's to all the ways you can create family-friendly dream spaces with Q.

120-127” x 60-64”
PentalQuartz Logo

PentalQuartz combines the timeless beauty of natural stone with superior strength and durability. Engineered for easy care, this surface requires little maintenance, is versatile and long-lasting, all while providing infinite design possibilities. It is ideal for nearly any application; from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, to bar tops and tub surrounds.

119” x 55”
130″ x 65″
Silestone Logo

Silestone® is the hybrid surface of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials more advanced and sustainable on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.

120” x 55”
128” x 63”
Wilsonart Logo

Wilsonart® Quartz lets you re-imagine your unique style story without limits. Our latest collection, Dramatic Landscapes, provides an inspiring foundation of unexpected elements to bring the elegance and energy of some of the most magical places in the world into yours.

120” x 55”
130” x 65”