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StoneTrash is brand that's owned and operated by StoneTrash Inc. To understand this, lets give a little history of StoneTrash.

2008 - The Concept

Chris McConnell Sr. who owns and operates Continental Marble in Bohemia, NY, wanted to solve a problem that faced him every day . . . what to do excess useable material? So instead of just sitting by, Mr. McConnell decided to do something. His concept was to build a platform to let any professional list what they had to simplify the process of discovering this excess material.

What to do with excess useable material?

StoneTrash was up and running. Chris was able to take photos of material and get inventory on the platform. But it wasn't easy. Remember the original iPhone only came out a few months prior to this, so getting pictures online was a little cumbersome to say the least. Chris worked hard because getting companies on the site was tough. Those companies in the area that did sign up enjoyed the platform. It saved them time and money.

Shortly after the site initially launched and was up an running, commercial work in New York City fell on some hard times. As a result, active development on StoneTrash stalled.

2015 - Lets do this

In 2015, StoneTrash was re-imagined as not only a platform for professionals to list their material, but a platform that allows consumers to find & purchase this material and have the support they need to feel confident about buying stone online. So we rebuilt the entire platform from the ground up. We then hit the road and went to trade shows (TISE & Coverings ) and began signing up more and more sellers. By 2021 we had over 300 sellers on the platform and were selling material in over 30 states. Pretty cool stuff. But we wanted to really help showcase how incredible what we're doing is. So we decided to create a brand that really hammered home this point.

StoneAwesome - Our consumer facing brand

Stone Awesome Logo

StoneAwesome not only has all of the great material that's on StoneTrash, but everything you can do on StoneTrash you can do on StoneAwesome and vice versa. So much so that your account will work on both platforms! In general, our sellers & stone pro's sign up on StoneTrash where as most consumers find us via StoneAwesome. But however you find us, you'll find the same great material and the same amazing service.

If you have any other questions or comments just get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.