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StoneTrash is a marketplace for Stone & Tile. We partner with Fabricators, Distributors and other stone and tile professionals from around the country. They list their material on our site. We help get that material in front of as many potential buyers as possible. With StoneTrash you get

a window into the Stone & Tile World

And the best part about our window, is that it's completely transparent. You see real material, real prices and can purchase a slab the same way you'd purchase some sneakers. We believe in brining transparency & efficiency to an industry that's as old as time itself.

Where did this concept come from?

Christopher McConnell is the visionary behind StoneTrash. Chris, owner of Continental Marble, a commercial fabrication shop, would find himself routinely throwing out material from completed jobs, just to make room for new work. Not only is this incredibly wasteful, but it's expensive! So Chris got to work and StoneTrash was born.

Why is there so much waste?

Waste is a natural part of the Stone & Tile Business, and it happens at every level of the stone industry.

  • Quarries Cut slabs from blocks. In doing so, some slabs are broken, others don't meet the minimum dimensions required by the original purchaser.
    • Waste Level: Blocks / Slabs
  • Commercial Contractors often buy extra slabs just in case. A lot can happen once you're on the job site and if something breaks, not only could the lead times for replacement material be too long, but depending on the material & application, you might not even be able to get material that'd work. So instead of tearing down an entire lobby, just because 1 slab broke during transportation, commercial fabricators buy extra material just in case. And when you're good, and a little lucky, you end up with some extra material after a job.
    • Waste Level: Slabs / Remnants
  • Even after a residential job like a kitchen or vanity, there's often left over material. Sometimes it's because of how veins need to be matched, other times it's just because a project is just larger then 1 slab, but not that much larger. Either way, there's left over material.

That's just a few examples of where this 'Stone-Trash' comes from. The stone is only trash to the person or company it was cut from, but to someone else, it's exactly what they need. StoneTrash just connects the dots helping people on both sides.

Where is StoneTrash located?

StoneTrash's official headquarters in is located at 1591 Smithtown Ave, Bohemia NY 11716. But that's not where most of our material is located. StoneTrash does not take possession of any of our sellers material. So you should always look for the location of a particular listing to know where the material is located. After purchase, StoneTrash will provide details of where the material can be inspected / picked up.